JesenĂ­ky Protected Landscape Area


From a geological viewpoint, Jeseníky PLA belongs to the Moravian–Silesian zone, and particularly to its northern part, the East Sudetic Unit (Silesium). The East Sudetic Unit is separated from the West Sudetes (Lugicum) by the Ramzová and Nýznerov faults and on the east the border between the Hrubý Jeseník and Nízký Jeseník ranges, where we can notice the change in the facies of the uppermost Devonian and the metamorphic grade and tectonic style are also different.

We can divide the territory of Jeseníky PLA into a number of lower geological subdivisions of the Silesicum as follows:

  • Keprník Dome – biotite paragneisses, staurolite mica schists, migmatites and orthogneisses.
  • Branná Zone – phyllites with limestone intercalations, quarztites and high-grade crystalline limestones.
  • Desná Dome – biotite and two-mica gneisses, weakly migmatitized.
  • Vrbno Group Belt – conglomerates passing to quartzites and various types of phyllites.
  • Rejvíz area – quartzites and garnet-stavrolite mica schists.
  • AndÄ›lské hory Formation of the Nízký Jeseník Culm-slates and medium-grained greywackes.
  • Jeseník and Sobotín amphibolite massifs – amphibolites stromatites of amphibolite and calc-silicate rock, actinolite slates, gabros, gabbrodiorites to diorites.
The complex geological development of the territory and its varied geological structure is reflected in the presence of various types of minerals of which many can be found in economic accumulations and sources of raw materials – rare metals and various types of iron ore.