Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area


Kokořínsko PLA lies in the warm climatic zone (Brocno, Chcebuz, Újezd, Veselí, Střemy, Kanina, Nebužely) to mildly warm (Holan, Litice, Nedamov, Dubá). The warm areas typically have a warm, dry climate with a mild winter and a lower sunshine total, whereas the slightly cooler parts of the territory are typically quite warm, slightly damp and with a mild winter. As for precipitation, part of the territory (Chcebuz, Brocno, Střemy, Kanina, Nebužely are slightly arid but other areas have optimal precipitation levels (Holany, Litice, Ronov, Nedamov, Dubá, Zakšín). Annual precipitation ranges from 499 to 655 mm and the mean temperature annual is between 7.7 and 8.1 °C. Winds blow most frequently from the north–west (15.2 %) closely followed by south–easterly (14 %) and south-westerly winds (10 %). Windless days are very frequent (30.1 %). The average wind speed is 3 m/s and the maximum 11.7 m/s. The yearly sunshine total is 1 476 hours.