Basic Information

The Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic (ANCLP CR)

ANCLP CR is a governmental body established by the Ministry of the Environment. It was established on March 1st 1995 as a successor of the former Czech Institute for Nature Conservation. The main aim of ANCLP is to protect and conserve nature and landscape on the whole territory of the Czech Republic.
The ANCLP CR’s scope of operations includes namely:

  • monitoring the status, changes and trends in selected habitats and their types and populations of the endangered, specially protected wildlife species,
  • technical and expert support of the State Administration performance including methodological and expert activities,
  • performance of the State Administration in nature conservation and landscape protection within the Protected Landscape Areas as well as on the rest of the Czech Republic’s territory, under the Act on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape,
  • administration of the Nature Conservancy Central Register and the central governmental documentation on nature conservation and landscape protection; operation of a specialised library,
  • design, development and management of the Nature Conservancy Information System,
  • implementation of practical measures to conserve nature and to protect landscape in the 24 Protected Landscape Areas and 209 National Nature Reserves and National Natural Monuments on the whole Czech Republic’s territory, 
  • administration of national subsidy programmes as well as some European Community funds serving to conserve nature and to protect landscape,
  • payment of financial compensations for the damages caused by specially protected animals and for loss of property in agriculture, forestry and fishpond management,
  • state property management in the Czech Republic’s Specially Protected Areas,
  • awareness raising and communication and education in nature conservation and landscape protection; consulting and education,
  • international cooperation in nature conservation and landscape protection; ANCLP CR is a Scientific Authority of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in the Czech Republic.

The ANCLP CR has a Headquarters seated in Prague and 37 regional workplaces - 24 Administrations of individual Protected Landscape Areas and 13 Regional

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