Blaník Protected Landscape Area

Basic information

The Blaník Protected Landscape Area (PLA) lies in the Středočeský kraj - Central Bohemian region, to the south of the town of Vlašim in the Načeradecká vrchovina hill country between the municipalities of Laby, Libouň, Veliš, Kondrac, Vracovice, Načeradec and Hrajovice around the peak of Mt. Velký Blaník (638 m). Blaník PLA was designated by the Czechoslovakian Ministry of Culture on 29th December, 1981 on a territory of 41 km². Blaník PLA was established to protect the harmonic and biologically balanced Central Bohemian landscape dominated by the mythical Mt. Blaník.

The basic feature of the landscape is a mosaic of fields, meadows, ponds, forests and settlements. Although the landscape is predominantly agricultural, we can also find valuable natural elements. Acidophilous beech forests and talus forests have been conserved on the Velký and Malý Blaník mountains and oak–hornbeam forests survive in the valley of the Blanice river. High levels of biodiversity can be found in the wetlands – water logged meadows, peatbogs and fishponds. A total of 5 small-scale Specially Protected Areas have been established to protect the most valuable parts of Blaník PLA. The Podlesí and Vlašimská Blanice proposed Sites of Community Importance were established to protect Species of Community Interest and mean that Blaník PLA is included in the Natura 2000 system of European protected areas.

The first settlement in the area dates from the Halstadt – La Tène period (the Celtic fortress on Mt. Velký Blaník) and building in the Romanesque and Baroque styles have also been preserved to this day. The landscape has maintained its specific rural settlement pattern, including examples of folk architecture, religious buildings and country manor houses. The region is more and more popular with tourists.