Jizerské hory Protected Landscape Area

Basic information

The Jizerské hory (the Jizera mountains) Protected Landscape Area (PLA) is among the oldest protected landscape areas in the Czech Republic, having been declared at the end of 1967 with effect from 1st January, 1968. With its area of 368 km² it ranks among medium-sized PLAs. It covers the great majority of the mountain range of the same name as well as neighbouring parts of the foothills. To the south–west, the PLA borders onto the agglomeration of the towns of Liberec with Jablonec nad Nisou and the north–western border of the area is also the state border with Poland. To the east, Jizerské hory PLA is a direct neighbour of Krkonoše NP and its buffer zone. The PLA was established to protect the remaining untouched elements of nature, especially the forests, which make up 75 % of the total area. Other reasons were to protect the landscape appearance with its typical characteristics, including the local folk architecture. The PLA is divided into 4 zones or grades of nature protection. The First (or Natural) Zone, with the highest level of protection comprises 11 % of the territory, whereas the Fourth Zone, or Urbanised one covers roughly 6 % of the total area. Two-thirds of the PLA’s total area belong to the Third Zone, with an emphasis on sustainable forestry and agricultural usage and also utilising its great recreational potential. The parts of the area with the highest natural value are protected within a wide network of small-scale Specially Protected Areas. Close-to-nature forest ecosystems are protected, along with remnants of flower-rich mountain meadows, wetlands and widespread peat bogs, raised peat bogs on the high plateau. From the total of 24 small-scale Specially Protected Areas, 3 belong to the highest category of National Nature Reserve: Jizerskohorské bučiny (Jizera mountain beech woods) NNR with its area of 27 km² including a buffer zone is one of the largest NNRs in the Czech Republic. Selected locations within Jizerské hory are also included in the system of Natura 2000 sites. The Jizerské hory SPA – Bird Area comprises the upland plateau and the northern slopes of the range and was established to protect unusually numerous populations of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) and Tengmalm’s owl (Aegolius funereus). Another 7 proposed Sites of Community Importance have also been established to protect significant habitats and sites. The Jizerka hamlet is also a Village Historical Reserve due to its exceptionally well-preserved collection of folk architecture.