Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area

Basic information

With its area of 272 km², Kokořínsko PLA is among the medium sized protected landscape areas. It was declared on 19th March, 1976 together with České středohoří PLA, Lužické hory PLA and Pálava PLA. Kokořínsko can be found between the towns of Mělník in the Středočeský kraj - Central Bohemian Region and Česká Lípa in the Liberecký kraj - Liberec region. These 2 regions each cover about half of the territory with a very small area in the north belonging under the Ústecký kraj - Ústí nad Labem region. The highest point is Vlhošť at 614 m above sea level and lying in the Liberec Region and the lowest point is the Liběchovka stream meadows at Želízy lying in the Central Bohemian Region at 175 m above sea level. Kokořínsko PLA is found between 14º06‘ and 14º36‘ longitude and 50º38‘ and 50º23‘ latitude.

Kokořínsko can be defined as an upland or hilly region, which is exceptional due to the following phenomena:

  • The specific geomorphology (shaping of the landscape surface), due to the predominance of acidic block sandstones, forming a network of plateaux and deep valleys on the edges of which we can find castellated rocks, capstones, rock windows and other formations the form and extent of which cannot be found in any other sandstone area in the Czech Republic.
  • Great biological diversity caused by bedrock types, geographical position and the relief of the territory, which is reflected in the wide variety of ecosystems found here on a relatively small surface area.
  • A unique cultural landscape character with balanced representation of forested and non-forested areas. This developed as a result of the long-term lack of industry in the area and due to sensible agricultural usage in relation to the landscape relief.
  • The folk architecture and man-made structures of the region are not unique with their walled and also wooden houses, but the harmonic integration of traditional and more modern settlements into the surrounding landscape is exceptional.
  • The existence of extensive Wetlands of International Importance in the valleys of the Liběchovka and Pšovka rivers with unique flora and fauna.
  • The existence of remnants of boreo–continental pine forests of a primeval character, mostly concentrated in the northern section of Kokořínsko PLA.
  • Widespread supplies of high quality ground water.

With the formation of the Natura 2000 system, 3 proposed Sites of Community Importance were declared on the territory of the PLA:
Kokořínsko pSCI to protect the species: lady’s slipper (Cypripedium calceolus),  weatherfish Misgurnus fossilis, killarney fern (Trichomanes speciosum), narrow-mouthed whorl snail (Vertigo angustior) and the gastropod Vertigo moulinsiana.
Roverské skály pSCI for the species killarney fern (Trichomanes speciosum).
Stvolínky – Kravaře pSCI for the species narrow-mouthed whorl snail (Vertigo angustior).