Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area

Basic information

The Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area (PLA) is found in the south–eastern part of the Jihočeský kraj - South Bohemian Region along the border with Austria and about 25 km east of the regional capital of České Budějovice between 48°48´- 49°11´N and 14°38´ – 15°00´E.

The Třeboňsko was included in the worldwide network of Biosphere Reserves under the UNESCO Man and Biosphere programme in 1977. The Czechoslovak Ministry of Culture then declared the Třeboňsko as a Protected Landscape Area on 15th November 1979, with an area of 700 km². The most valuable water and wetland sections of the Třeboňsko PLA have been protected since the early 1990s as Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention (Ramsar sites) under the names ‘Třeboňské rybníky’ (Třeboň  fishponds) and ‘Třeboňské rašeliniště’ (Třeboň peatbogs). A large part of the Třeboň Basin PLA was declared a Special Protection Area (Bird area) within the Natura 2000 system by the Czech government on 8th December 2004.

The most valuable parts of the PLA/BR are further protected by a network of 33 small-scale Specially Protected Areas, five of which are National Nature Reserves. These protected areas represent the typical ecosystems of the region, these being fishpond ecosystems, river floodplains, various types of peatbogs, air-blown sands, and remnants of natural forests.