Basic Information

The Ministry of the Environment (MŽP)

The Ministry of the Environment was established on 19th December 1989 under the Act of the Czech National Council No. 173/1989 Coll., effective as of 1st January 1990, as a central state administration authority and the supreme supervisory body in environmental affairs. The MŽP is the central state administration for:

  • the protection of the natural accumulation of water
  • the protection of water resources and the protection of ground and surface water quality
  • air protection
  • the conservation of nature and the landscape
  • the protection of agricultural land resources
  • the performance of the state geological survey
  • the protection of the geological environment, including the protection of mineral resources and ground water
  • geological works and environmental supervision of mining
  • waste management
  • impact assessments of activities and their environmental consequences, including those extended beyond state borders
  • hunting, fishing and forestry in national parks
  • state environmental policy

To safeguard the inspecting activities of the Czech Government, the Ministry of the Environment coordinates the procedure of all ministries and other central state administration authorities of the Czech Republic in environmental matters.

The Ministry of the Environment has 9 regional offices which carry out the state administration of nature protection in their given areas.

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