Basic Information

Dear Users,
this multimedia presentation was prepared for you by the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic.
We are very pleased that you are interested in nature and the landscape. We would like to provide you with information about all of the most valuable parts of nature and the landscape in the Czech Republic, as well as basic information about the state system of nature protection. Here you can learn about all of the large-surface-area protected areas in the Czech Republic – 4 national parks and 25 protected landscape areas. You can also find out all about all of the small-surface-area protected areas in the national category – about 112 national nature reserves and 106 national nature monuments. You can test your knowledge in an entertaining educational module. More than 250 co-authors have contributed to this presentation and the DVD benefits form many years of natural scientific research. More than 1000 pages of text are accompanied by 2400 photographs, which are often unique. You can watch a 27-minute-long film "Natura Bohemica" about all of the most beautiful nature and landscapes in the Czech Republic, as well as a 2-minute clip about every one of the large-surface-area protected areas. Each protected area is also accompanied by a user-friendly map. This DVD can certainly be used in schools at all levels. This presentation is designed for everybody who is interested in the beauty of nature and landscape around us, and for everybody who cares about its fate. All of the texts and film commentaries are available in Czech and English.
State organisations ensure nature and landscape protection as a public service for all of us. We would also like to think the non-profit NGOs which help to protect nature and landscape. However, effective nature and landscape protection is not possible without wide support from the general public. The quality of a country’s nature and landscape protection is now a measure of the maturity of the whole society and also has a fundamental influence on the quality of life of every one of us. Therefore we believe that this presentation will help to clarify the sense and importance of nature and landscape protection, and contribute to preserving our beautiful nature and landscapes for future generations. We hope that you will enjoy many beautiful moments as you watch this DVD and take a virtual trip through the nature and landscape of the Czech Republic.

Zdeněk Patzelt (on behalf of the collective of authors)