Basic Information

The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (SFŽP)

The Fund is a targeted institution which is the main source of financing for the realisation of measures to protect and improve the environment and its individual elements. SFŽP is one of the basic economic instruments for fulfilling the obligations arising from international conventions on environmental protection, fulfilling the bonds arising from EU membership and implementing the National Environmental Policy.

The Fund was established and its obligations are set out by the Act on the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic No. 338/1991 Coll. Further regulations govern the statute of the Fund, the work of the SFŽP Council, the Ministry of the Environment’s Directive on provision of funds from the SFŽP and the Amendments to the Directive which set out the conditions for the provision of financial support during the given time period.

Support from the SFŽP is targeted towards the protection of water and air, waste management and the fields of nature and landscape protection.

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