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Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area Administration

Šumava NP and PLA Administration is an independent budgetary organisation which was established by the decree of the Ministry of the Environment in connection with the establishment of Šumava National Park in April 1991. The main activities of the NP and PLA Administration are the performance of state administration of nature and landscape protection, protection of the agricultural land fund, hunting and fishing within the realms of the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection No. 114/1992 Coll. as results from amendments. Šumava NP and PLA Administration also manages state property, cares for forested areas, certain non-forested areas and small water flows within Šumava NP.

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The Krkonoše National Park Administration (KRNAP)

The Czech side of the Krkonoše mountain range was declared as the first Czech national park on 17th May 1963. The KRNAP Administration with it’s headquarter in Vrchlabí, was set up to care for and manage the park. The administration is responsible for nature protection on the territory of KRNAP and its buffer zone and fulfils the duties arising from all valid laws in the same way that the other national park administrations do.

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České Švýcarsko National Park Administration

České Švýcarsko NP was established by Act. No. 161/1999 Coll. on 1st July 1999. The mission of the national park is to protect and improve the natural environment, protect the unique geomorphological values, wild plants and animals and to preserve the typical appearance of the landscape.

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Podyjí National Park Administration

Podyjí NP Administration, with its headquarters in Znojmo was established on 1st July 1991 by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic. The basic task of this organisation is to ensure the protection of nature and landscape on the territory of Podyjí NP and its buffer zone. The administration carries out the tasks resulting from its status as a state administration body, ensures special administration of state property within this specially protected area, special care of forested and non-forested ecosystems, environmental education and enlightenment as well as the role of a scientific workplace, including coordination of research and monitoring on the NP territory. Podyjí NP has been a holder of the European Diploma of Protected Areas of the Council of Europe since 2000.

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