Basic Information

The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening (VÚKOZ)

The institute was established by the Ministry of Agriculture on 2nd March 1927 as a part of the “State Organisation for Agricultural Testing” in Průhonice under the name “Research Station for Ornamental Gardening”. Today it is a public research institute which carries out research into cultural and natural landscapes, including landscape gardening, which contributes toforming a major part of the environment for humans.

The Silva Tarouca Research Institute was founded after Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva Tarouca’s chateau and historical estate was bought for the Czech state by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1927. The institute’s activities and aims followed on from the horticultural traditions of building the Průhonice Chateau’s natural landscape park since 1885 and also from the Dendrological Society and their “Friends of the Průhonice gardens” since 1909.

Our basic research is primarily involves studies into the vegetation species diversity in various types of landscapes. Our applied research involves rescue programmes and maintenance of the gene banks of critically endangered plant species. Technological research and development is focussed on new technology in plant cultivation. 

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