Ĺ umava National Park


The Šumava mountain range is among the most extensive and oldest mountain ranges in central Europe with vast areas of relict plateaux lying at several levels above 1000 m. These relicts are preserved in the central part of the national park and are known as the Šumavské plánÄ›.

The Šumava mountain range, which is geomorphologically isolated from the main European erosion regions, lies on the European watershed between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Relicts of the paleorelief on the Šumavské plánÄ› are regarded as some of the oldest on the European continent.

The current Šumava relief is the result of the intensive effects of the tropical weathering process in the period prior to the denudation cycle. During the Pleistocene (early Quaternary) cryogenic and glacial processes were the predominant feature here in Šumava.