JesenĂ­ky Protected Landscape Area


The Hrubý Jeseník mountain range, which forms the heart of the PLA territory, lies on the border of two climatic regions. Here the western border of the Continental climate region meets the lessening influence of the Atlantic climate region. This can be seen from the relatively damp climate with predominant westerly winds and a high level of precipitation. According to the Czechoslovak Study on Climate Regions, the montane part of Jeseníky PLA belongs to a cold region, while other foothills areas on the edge of the PLA territory are classified as mildly warm.

The mean annual temperature on Mt. PradÄ›d is 0.9 °C, in RýmaĹ™ov it is 5.8 °C and in Jeseník it is 7.1 °C.

Yearly precipitation totals range from 842 mm in RýmaĹ™ov and 846 mm in Jeseník to 1 029 mm at Rejvíz up to 1 231 mm on Mt. PradÄ›d.