Šumava National Park

Šumava proposed Site of Community Importance

The Šumava pSCI was proposed according to the requirements of the Directive on Habitats. Its final extent and range are determined by the colonisation of many smaller sites, which exist to protect a range of different plants, animals and habitats. The outer boundary of the site defines the region where the lynx is protected, which as a relatively large predator requires a territory of a sufficient or adequate size. Within this site, many smaller areas have been declared where we can find protected habitats. In Šumava, these cover the typical peat bogs, mountain spruce forests and beech forests. However, the meadows which formed as a result of long-term human activity are also a valuable natural habitat and deserve protection. Within the larger ‘lynx’ region, other territories have been delimited for other Species of Community Interest (bullhead, otter, greater mouse-eared bat, lesser horseshoe bat, freshwater pearl mussel, brook lamprey, Ménetries’ ground beetle, or plants such as the Bohemian polymorphous gentian).