Bílé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area

Basic information

The Bílé Karpaty (The White Carpathians) Protected Landscape Area is located on the border of the Czech and Slovak Republics and lies in the Zlínský kraj – Zlín Region and the Jihomoravský kraj – South Moravian Region.  Thanks to their exceptionally rich nature and culture the region was declared a PLA on 3rd November, 1980 and the PLA territory was included on the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves on 15th April 1996. The PLA covers a territory of 715 km² and neighbours the Biele Karpaty PLA in Slovakia, which was declared in 1979. The Bílé Karpaty BR and PLA have also held the European Diploma for Protected Areas from the Council of Europe.

Bílé Karpaty PLA is especially valuable because of the unusually wide variety of biotopes and species found on its territory. We can find communities here such as thermophilous oak forests, Carpathian and Pannonian oak–hornbeam forests, primeval mountain beech forests and most of the types of meadow and forest wetlands and meadow biotopes in Europe. The area is a study ground of world-wide importance. The herb-rich meadows of Bílé Karpaty are among the most valuable territories, with the highest species diversity and the most orchids in central Europe. This natural value was partly founded by man, as a result of his specific farming methods. Bílé Karpaty is also a territory, which can serve as a model for the co-existence of nature protection interests and economic land use of the territory, which respect the natural conditions and the ecological sustainability of the territory.

Natural values are also protected in 53 small-scaled Specially Protected Areas. The oldest of these is the Javořina National Nature Reserve, which has been protected since 1909 and is the oldest protected territory in Moravia. The largest protected area within Bílé Karpaty is Čertoryje NNR, which covers an area of nearly 700 ha including its buffer zone. A large part of the PLA territory was also included in the Natura 2000 system of Sites of Community Importance. These are predominantly the extensive meadow complexes between Radějov and Strání, the Moravské Kopanice district and the preserved beech forests around the Vlárský průsmyk pass.