Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

My 7 Natural Wonders in the Czech Republic

Task: write down (or name) 7 natural wonders – which you think are interesting or unique in the nature of the Czech Republic, what we can be proud of – landscape types, natural formations, plants, animals (we emphasize the word natural, as pupils tend to write about castles and chateaux).

The system – 1 wonder – 1 strip of paper works for us. Then pupils can put their wonders onto poster paper in various ways – either by adding one name to a group of names (so we find out which “wonders” are known by the most pupils) or that pupils can only stick their paper on the poster if that wonder isn’t already on the poster (so we can find out all the “wonders” the pupils know).

Discussion Questions: What have you visited and what have you only seen on TV? What do you think is typical for this country but is difficult to find anywhere else in the world? Are our wonders threatened? What can we do to protect them? Do they have some protection regime? Here you could explain about large-scale and small-scale protected areas, other activities can follow on.

Timing: 5 – 10 work, 10 – 15 minutes- sticking up papers and discussion.

Materials: pen and paper, poster paper, strips of paper, glue.