Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

Fieldwork Ideas

There are many kinds of fieldwork activities. Here is a basic summary to give you some inspiration.

Field monitoring of nature and environmental problems
Biomonitoring (eg. By studying aquatic or soil-living animals)
Observation (mapping) of animal and plant species (drawings, photography)
Measuring water pH levels
Observing and following natural succession
Collecting natural materials

Activities for the sensual perception of nature
Palette of colours, scent cocktails, listening to nature etc.

Artistic activities
Bark printing, land-art, photography, using paints made from natural materials etc.

Manual dexterity
Camping skills
Collecting mushrooms, herbs, forest fruits
Products made from natural materials

Helping nature
What we mean are work parties (with the agreement of the protected area), which can include a range of activities from helping with management activities on the territory (cutting the meadows, tree planting, cutting back trees and shrubs...) to litter collecting, path maintenance, maintenance of information systems etc.

Sociological work
Interviews with local inhabitants and visitors (research into opinions, opinions on the current “problems”, finding out about the local legends)