Šumava National Park

Management of the territory

Nature protection in the Šumava NP is carried out in accordance with the Management Plan, which is an important management tool just as is the zonation of the territory.

The territory is divided into zones with regard to its natural values. The Management Plan proposes measures to maintain or improve the condition of the environment and serves as a basis for other planning documents and for decision-making by nature protection organisations. However it is not legally-binding for individuals or legal entities, unlike the National Park zoning regulations.

The so-called ‘non-intervention area’ was declared in 1995 on the border area regions managed by the Modrava Forest Administration. This non-intervention or self-regulation territory covers 1325.98 ha, of which 478.68 ha lies in the first zone and 847.3 ha lies in the second zone. The NP Administration has the long-term aim of gradually extending this self-regulatory regime in wider areas of forested and non-forested territory.