Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games


You can set up the worksheet in the way which suits you best – choose the most suitable questions from the list and print it out.

Pupils worksheet

Name of the protected area:

Highest point – name and metres above sea level:
Lowest point – name and metres above sea level:


  • river:
  • waterfall:
  • large stillwaters
    • lake:
    • reservoir:
    • fishpond:


Forest types:

Interesting plant and animal species:
(typical species for the protected area, endemic species, introduced species)

Dominant rocks and minerals:

Other interesting features, peculiarities:

How was this area used by people in the past and how do people use the area today?

Local legend:

The territory in art and culture (painters, writers...):

Why is this territory protected? What is especially valuable?

Are there any problems? What endangers the protected area? How can these problems be solved?