Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

Dear teachers,

You have just opened the section which contains several suggestions for how to introduce pupils to large-scale protected areas (LSPA) in an entertaining way. These are national parks (NP) and protected landscape areas (PLA) and we want to motivate pupils to go on trips and see the beauties of the Czech Republic.

We offer you several activities for pupils of the second stage of primary (elementary) school and for secondary (high) school students, in order from the earliest to the most demanding, which also involve individual work. The activities can be done by individuals or groups.

The activities include a teacher‘s and a pupil‘s version. The teachers section includes a description of the activity, the task, methodological advice and the answer key. These activities are also produced in a “paper form”, (the worksheets can be printed out, photocopied and cut up etc.), because it’s not always possible to get all the pupils on computers at the same time, or we want to do the activity when we are out of school on a field trip. Activities No. 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 are also prepared for pupils in an interactive form.

Pupils can also find the answers to the questions and other information individually on the DVD Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic, but that is up to your discretion as it isn’t necessary. In some cases it would be a shame, if the pupils didn’t have to think about the question beforehand. Activities No. 6 and 9 are more demanding and are conceived so that pupils must look for the answers on the DVD.

The slogan PLEASE ENTER! is not only the entrance to the interactive computer programme, but also meant literally. Even if all of the activities can be done in the classroom, the result of your efforts should be to “get pupils out”, to visit a protected area, observe the nature, try out some field work etc.

To make nature study easier, we recommend that you use the services of the information centres at protected areas, their displays, museums, promotional materials, guiding services etc. Addresses and contacts for each protected area can be found on the DVD – Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic, from where we also took our information and photos. 
Recommended sequence of activities (from the simplest to the most demanding individual tasks):

  1. My 7 Wonders
  2. Write down as many…
  3. Blank map – Add the names and logos
  4. Match the names and photos
  5. Test – Biggest, Highest, Oldest
  6. Test – Nature protection
  7. Match the threesomes
  8. Similarities
  9. Interesting flora and fauna
  10. Literary extracts
  11. Tips for a trip 
  12. Study notes
  13. Fieldwork ideas 

We are sure that you will also think of many ways in which to expand and enrich this section. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We hope you have a pleasant trip through the beauties of the Czech Republic – Please Enter!

Hana Kulichová, on behalf of all the employees of the Centre for Ecological and Ethical Education Rýchory – SEVER, who helped to compile this section

SEVER, 542 26 Horní Maršov,,