Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games


Blank maps

Fill in the names of large scale protected areas and their logos on the blank map with borders of the protected areas.



Match the names and photos of LSPAs

Match the correct name of each national park or protected landscape area to its photo.

Test: Biggest, highest, oldest

Try this test and see how much you know.




Match the trio: - Name of NP (PLA) – characteristic feature – place name.  (Example: Krkonoše NP – The highest Arctic-Alpine tundra – The source of the Labe river)

Interesting flora and fauna in our national parks and protected landscape areas.

Who am I and where can I be found? Look at the 12 pictures of animals and plants from particular localities. Use the DVD – Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic to find their names and find out in which NP or PLA they can be found. Find out as much as you can about these special plants and animal.