Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

Tips for a Trip

Task 1: Easier variant: Prepare a promotional “advert” for a visit to a selected LSPA (5 minute presentation). Work for individuals or groups who can prepare a poster, PowerPoint presentation, bring in brochures etc. – fantasy has no limits.

Aim: To capture the audience’s attention, to present the unique features, natural points of interest, motivate interest for a trip.

Preparation time: 30 minutes – several days (we can set it as homework), you can award marks for the best presentation and then go to the LSPA on a trip.

Task 2: More demanding variant: Prepare the programme for a school trip to a selected LSPA and present it to the rest of the class (10 minute presentation). Using posters, PowerPoint presentation – not all information needs to be shared – it’s enough to show it. This activity can follow on from the previous activity, or it can be done independently. Due to the amount of work it will be most suitable to set it as long-term group work (as homework), where each member of the group prepares certain themes and then they compile it as a joint presentation. We can assign the same LSPA to all groups (to see which attractions our pupils recommend visiting) or give each group a different LSPA to present to the class (according to our own selection).

Note: Please emphasize that the pupils should focus on getting to know natural phenomena and on active fieldwork (eg. biomonitoring, sensual perceptions of nature), collecting items from the nature, drawing etc. – but without breaking the LSPA’s visitors’ regulations). After watching the presentations, choose at least one LSPA to visit or real, according to the programme the pupils suggested (of course with modifications from your side). We recommend that you divide up the roles among the class – who will organise what before the trip, who will be responsible for what on the actual trip.

Preparation time: Probably several days.

DVD – Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic, promotional leaflets, maps, internet, personal experience (where pupils have been with their parents), consultation with teachers, using the services of the NP and PLA visitor information centres, guiding services, ecological education centres – which provide field study programmes.

Printable materials:
Recommended themes for preparing a presentation