Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area

Vegetation, Flora

Hrubý Jeseník is a region of extrazonal montane vegetation, with hardly any thermophilous species present. According to the scale of vegetation zones, this is a region of montane and sub-Alpine type with small areas of Alpine vegetation. When geobotanists reconstruct the history of Jeseníky’s vegetation they find the predominant forest types were beechwoods, at lower elevations and on richer soils herb–rich beechwoods or acidophilous beechwoods on poorer soils. Montane beechwoods with sycamore and with spruce were natural at higher elevations and on most of the peaks. Mountain spruce forests are also natural, with barren treeless areas on the very highest peaks. The upper tree line has always been at around 1350 m above sea level. Within the complex of forest communities, specific phytocenoses (plant communities) bound to peatbogs, springs or rocks have developed in some localities. Forests still dominate the region of Hrubý Jeseník but currently most of them are secondary spruce forests planted for commercial purposes.