Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area

The valley of the Bílá Opava

Jeseníky is an attractive tourist destination in both summer and winter and it is difficult to choose between possible visits to the Rejvíz peatbogs, the glacial cirque Velká Kotlina, Mt. Keprník with extensive views of the surrounding mountains, Břidličná with its rocky talus fields, the deep forests of the Orlík belt, the Rabštejn rocks (or Vozky) or the picturesque spa town of Karlova Studánka or others.

However, the most beautiful tourist trail in the Jeseníky mountains starts from Karlova Studánka and follows the valley of the Bílá Opava, which is a part of Praděd NNR. In the valley of the Bílá Opava we can find two tourist trails (walkways), of which the yellow marked trail is one of the most beautiful but also most demanding routes in Jeseníky. It begins in Karlova Studánka, opposite the open-air geological exhibition by the Hubertus hotel, where we can also find a bus stop and an artificial waterfall fed by water overflowing from the spa channel. After an ascent of 6 km in length it will lead us to the Ovčárna mountain chalet.

The blue marked trail is less demanding and more suitable for the descent, but even on this trail there are flights of steps and footbridges to overcome and we must mind our heads if we meet trees fallen across the path. This trail also starts in Karlova Studánka but at Na Paloučku, where a small information centre is open during the summer season, it leaves the yellow trail and heads up to the Barborka chalet.

The ascent on both trails is not so long, but both of them rise by 500 m from start to finish and will take 2 – 3 hours of walking.

Both trails are only for walkers and biking is forbidden here. The trails are used by more than 50 000 visitors per year.

During the ascent we can experience the mountain nature with a wild torrent beside us. In spring we can expect coloured and stormy waters, in summer we can see silver waterfalls and clear moss-fringed pools as well as mysterious primeval forests full of life, ancient living trees with massive branches reaching down to the ground and the fallen trunks of giant spruces rotting and covered with mosses giving life to fungi and newly germinating spruces.

In wintertime, due to deep snow cover and the rugged terrain, the valley is impassable. The Jeseníky mountain Rescue Service does not recommend entry to the area on safety grounds.

Jeseníky PLA Administration is responsible for nature and landscape protection on the whole of the territory.