Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

Write down as many…

Task: write down as many LSPAs as you can – national parks and protected landscape areas in the Czech Republic.

This can be set up as an individual or a team contest. Pupils can also write the names on strips of paper and stick them on the board during the final appraisal – either by adding a name to a set (so we find out which LSPAs the most pupils know about and which ones they have never heard of) or that pupils can only stick a name on the board if it isn’t already there (so we get an overview of the LSPAs, which we can then turn into a complete list).

Note: When you are setting the task, you may decide to tell your pupils that the number of LSPAs is 29 (4 national parks and 25 protected landscape areas). If you don’t give the number, then before the appraisal you can ask how many names they wrote, and how many they think there are in total.

Timing: 5 – 10 minutes work, appraisal and feedback 10 minutes.

Materials: Paper and pens.

Printable materials:
Answer key, extra information