Nature in the Czech Republic – Educational Games

Interesting Flora and Fauna in National Parks in National Parks and Protected Landscape Areas

The aim of the activity is to inform pupils about points of interest and peculiarities of the flora and fauna in the Czech Republic. Some NP and PLA have rare plant and animal species hidden on their territory. Some of them are even endemic species – plants or animals which only live in that area. 

Task: Who am I and where can I be found? We present you with 12 pictures of unusual plants and animals which can be found in certain territories. Try to match the pictures with the animal or plants name and the LSPA where it can be found.

More demanding variant: Only give pupils the pictures and they have to use the DVD – Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic to find the answers.

Timing: 10-15 minutes work (we can give each pupil one part of the task). If one pupil or group search for all the answers it could take 30 minutes or more. 10 minutes checking time.

Materials: Paper and pens – if we do it on paper, 12 printable photos (which are also in the pupils section on the DVD), lists which we print out and cut up, DVD – Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic (if the pupils search for the information themselves).

Printable materials:
List of plant and animal species, list of NP and PLA, 12 photos and answer key