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Džambasov, Petr – Dostál, Jaroslav – Kotíková, Jaromíra – Rücker, Patrik
Screening of conditions of vocational, medical, social and pedagogic rehabilitation in the Czech Republic
Praha: RILSA, 2017. 96 pp. – ISBN 978-80-7416-305-0

Rehabilitation is defined as a set of measures focused on the fastest as possible social inclusion of an handicapped individual (disease, accident, inborn imperfection). Measures should be provided in a coordinated way, without redundant delays, in line with the nature of an individual situation of the handicapped person.

  • In the Czech Republic there is no uniform matter-of-fact and legal amendment providing rehabilitation. Actually rehabilitation is provided in accordance with character of rehabilitation means and measures:
  • in Healthcare sector as medical rehabilitation care including spa rehabilitation care and constituent of medical services and granting conditions,
  • in Labour and Social sector as working rehabilitation and part of state employment policy and employment of handicapped persons and as social rehabilitation within the system of providing help and support by means of social services,
  • in Education, youth and physical training sector as pedagogic rehabilitation in the framework of special and inclusive education.

Way out for mapping rehabilitation coordination conditions and barriers has been described in the material „Theses rehabilitation coordination of handicapped persons“2 to which refers solution „Screening of particular rehabilitation areas in the Czech Republic“ mapping functional sufficiency of particular rehabilitation areas and existence of proper conditions for rehabilitation coordination, e.g. existence of barriers which could obstruct coordination or restrain it.
Particular rehabilitation areas as medical, social, labour and pedagogic – has been mapped according to 4 basic criterions: institutional conditions, Human Resources management, target group and costs.

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